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Biochrom/Biochrom WPA range of Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers/80-3007-57

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  • 公司分类: Amino Acid Analysis
Biochrom/Biochrom WPA range of Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers/80-3007-57
  • Biochrom/Biochrom WPA range of Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers/80-3007-57

Biochrom WPA range of Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers

Biowave 3+ Colour Touch Life Science Spectrophotometers

Biowave 3+ Colour Touch Life Science Spectrophotometers


Wavelength Range: 190 to 1100 nm

Fast and easy to use wavelength scanning, kinetics, single or multiple wavelength reading, standard curve and absorbance ratio capability

Pre-loaded Life Science Methods:

  • Nucleic Acid quantification
  • Protein applications (Bradford, Lowry, Biuret, BSA)
  • Nucleic Acid and Protein fluorescent dyes
  • OD 600 Microbial growth
  • Tm calculation

Lightweight and stackable for easy storage

2 year warranty

DescriptionThe Biowave 3+ Colour Touch offers all the benefits and capabilities of a research grade Life Science spectrophotometer with the robust design, ease of use and reasonable cost that also makes it perfect for students.

Built in Life Science methodsPre-programmed methodologies for nucleic acid quantification (DNA, RNA and oligonucleotides), protein assays (BCA, Biuret, Bradford and Lowry) and for cell culture density (OD600) measurements. The visualisation of the nucleic acid scan is particularly useful, especially for RNA samples where impurities may be present in the 230 nm region,.yet not have an adverse effect on the A260/A280 ratio. The system is compatible with low volume UV cuvettes.For those samples that need the most precise results, the Biowave 3+ CT also comes loaded with a menu of commonly available fluorescent dyes to specifically target nucleic acids and proteins.

In kinetics mode, the basic plot of absorbance against time may be supplemented with the result for A/min, plus the correlation coefficient is also calculated for the duration of the assay. This slope may be multiplied automatically by a factor to convert it directly to rate of reaction.

Flexible Data Viewing and Export OptionsThe 5 inch colour touch screen allows users to distinguish multiple samples by colour on graph overlays and the zoom and track functions gives the ability to focus on areas of interest.

Results may be downloaded to a USB flash drive or printed to an optional integrated graphical printer for a permanent record. Alternatively results can be exported via a cable connection to a suitable PC running Print Via Computer (PVC) software or wireless Bluetooth® accessory (optional).

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
80-3007-57WPA Biowave 3+ CT
80-3007-58WPA Biowave 3+ CT with Printer
80-3007-59WPA Biowave 3+ CT with Bluetooth
80-3007-60WPA Biowave 3+ CT with Printer and Bluetooth
Download Biowave 3+ Color Touch User Manual

Technical Specifications

Range 190 to 1100 nm
Monochromator Flat grating
Calibration Automatic upon switch on
Beam Height 15 mm
Spectral Bandwidth3 nm
Accuracy ±2 nm
Reproducibility ±1 nm
Light SourceXenon flash lamp
Detector Twin CMOS array
Photometric Range -0.300 to 2.500 A, 0.3 to 199 %T
Photometric Linearity ±1.3 % or ±0.008 A whichever is greater at 546 nm
Photometric Reproducibility ±0.002 A to 0.5 A at 546 nm
Stray Light <0.5 %T 340 nm
Stability ±0.01 A/h at 340 nm
Noise ±0.005 peak to peak ±0.002 RMS
Dimensions 260 × 390 × 100 mm
Weight 3.00 kg3.00 kg
Technical Specifications
Wavelength Range 
Wavelength Accuracy (+/-) 
Wavelength Reproducibility (+/-) 
Lamp Source 
Optical System 
Photometric Range 
Photometric Accuracy 
Photometric Reproducibility 
Stray Light 
Measurement Type 
Cell Compatibility 
Other Sample Containers 
Cell Holder 
Accessory Options 
Method Storage 
Data Output 
Data Interface 
Power Requirement 
Dimensions (WxDxH) 
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Biochrom Ltd(英国柏楉有限公司),是哈佛生物科学公司(Harvard Bioscience Company)(Nasdaq:HBIO)旗下的一家总部位于英国剑桥的拥有40多年科学仪器设计制造经验的高科技公司。其长期致力于设计制造氨基酸分析仪(Biochrom Amino Acid Analyzers)、系列分光光度计和色度计(Biochrom Libra and WPA)以及系列酶标仪设备(Biochrom EZ Read)。2012年英国柏楉推出“柏点” (Biodrop)系列产品(BioDropµLITE, BioDrop DUO, BioDrop TOUCH and BioDrop CUVETTE)为超微量测量提供新思路。

Biochrom has a long history of making quality scientific instruments for a wide range of applications in the clinical, life-science and industrial markets. Our product range has five world class brands including:

Biochrom Libra Advanced Spectrophotometers

Biochrom WPA compact spectrophotometers and colorimeters

Biochrom EZ Read microplate instrumentation

Biochrom Amino Acid Analyzers

All our instruments are sold worldwide through our international distribution network.

We are committed to remaining a world class company by the regular introduction of new, innovative and customer focused products as well as by being open to external partnerships which present exciting new commercial or technical opportunities.

We currently employ approximately 100 people dedicated to the marketing, development, technology, manufacturing and administration of our product range.We manage and maintain organisational excellence through continual improvement, modern manufacturing processes and a commitment to quality in all our actions so that we can meet our goal of continuously exceeding our customers' expectations.

蚂蚁淘(ebiomall)作为一家生命科学领域的垂直电商平台,公司专注生物医学科研用品的全球导购和品牌推广,为海内外厂方与代理经销商搭建跨境贸易系统和交流平台。产品齐全,200+分类,1000+品牌,500万+产品信息。100%正品,专业售后,到货快,在线下单, 简单轻松,节省科学家宝贵的科研时间。为您竭诚服务!

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Biochrom是哈佛生物科学公司(Harvard Bioscience Company)旗下子公司,是一家拥有40多年经验的主要科学仪器制造商。柏楉(Biochrom)集团拥有5大知名品牌,包括紫外可见、酶标仪、氨基酸分析仪和电泳仪等。我们的产品深受全球医院和实验室的信赖。我们也是众多顶级科学仪器公司的贴牌制造商(OEM)。我们的仪器和品牌闻名遐迩,Biochrom紫外可见光谱仪产品系列包括著名的Novaspec, Ultrospec, 和GeneQuant以及Biochrom Libra和WPA品牌。那些在生命科学和科学教育领域的工作者会十分熟悉非常实用的Biochrom WPA分光光度计和色度计,它们体积娇小,却拥有大型贵重仪器的技术性能和分析能力。Biochrom Libra系列分光光度计设计用于充分满足工业、分析和生命科学应用对光谱仪的全部需求,从简单的手持式色度计,到完全符合药典的光谱仪系统。

Biochrom也制造两个主要品牌的酶标仪-Biochrom Asys和Biochrom Anthos。它们源自奥地利Asys Hitech和Anthos Labtec,现在是全球范围内可靠的微孔板酶标仪和洗板机的高端品牌之一。所有Biochrom Asys和Anthos产品性能优越,价格公道。

Biochrom是氨基酸分析的全球领导者。Biochrom 30+被认为是全球医院、制药和工业实验室氨基酸分析的金标准。它能让用户准确检测和定量分析复杂样品中的氨基酸及其衍生物。无论诊断分析、代谢紊乱筛查、药物合成、输液,还是工业食品、饮料和饲料的分析,都有成熟的应用可供参考。


我们的能力 Biochrom精于与客户公司合作,针对问题,提供确切解决方案,无论是基于Biochrom氨基酸分析技术进行化学成分目标分析,还是定制嵌入更复杂诊断分析的酶标仪和洗板机,亦或是用创新技术进行极小体积样品的微量分析。


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